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I hereby appoint A One Accountants as my Accountants, Tax Agent, ASIC Agent and SMSF Auditor & their staff, associates, franchise owners & their staff, partners and other associates to collect information on my behalf and interview , complete & lodge my tax return. Also I appoint A One Accountants as my Tax Agents for liaising with the ATO on my behalf for the current, past and future tax matters related to me or any of the entities I am associated with, whether any kind of Tax, GST, FBT, ABN, or any other matter asked whether verbally or in writing until this authority is specifically revoked by me in writing. I further declare that I agree with the various incomes, deductions and offsets claimed, the information provided by me is true and correct to the best of my understanding and belief. I declare that wherever there is no receipt, the expenses were genuinely incurred by me and were directly relevant to the employment or my business. I am aware that I shall be liable for any incorrect information provided by me to A One Accountants & its associates or to the ATO. I also authorize A One Accountants to collect my fee from any tax refund if I do have any outstanding & unpaid invoices. I understand A One Accountants may use my email or mobile to keep me updated of their service offerings from time to time, By way of this declaration I authorize the appointed to perform duties as delegated from time to time, including lodgment of my TR solely based on this electronic declaration provided by me.

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